Top 8 of Christmas movies ♡

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Today I will share with you my top 8 of movies to watch on Christmas. These are my favorite movies to see but I would like to know your favorite movies to watch during the Christmas holidays so make sure you tell me in the comments!

1st Movie – Home alone

All of the home alone movies are always amazing to see during christmas time; My favorite “Home Alone” movies are the first and the third ones but all of them are amazing to watch during this amazing time of the year!

2nd Movie – Frozen

A beautiful disney movie is always a great idea! If you have never watched Frozen you don’t know what you are losing. Frozen is a very beautiful movie and not only for little kids, this movie is great to watch on christmas night with your family. Trust me everyone will fall in love with this beautiful story.


3rd Movie – The Chronicles of Narnia: The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe

I love this movie! I’ve been watching this movie almost every christmas and it is a very familiar movie. Make sure you check this one!


4th Movie – Miracle on 34th Street 

This is one of my favorite movies of all the time! With an amazing cast and a very beautiful story as well. If you haven’t seen it yet make sure you do this christmas.


5th Movie – The Holiday 

This movie is from 2006 and is very funny, familiar and has also a little bit of romance which is something that we all enjoy, am I right?! This movie has a cast with actors like Cameron Diaz, Kate Winslet, Jude Law, Jack Black and Eli Wallach.


6th Movie – Ice Age 

Who does not love the Ice age movie?! It’s a classic people! Let’s keep watching this cool and funny movie.


7th Movie – Bridget Jones’s diary 

This one is a classic. I love this movie out of all of these movies this one is probably my favorite! A movie from 2001 that I’ve been watching almost every year because I love it; Who doesn’t love to see a great and funny movie?


8th Movie – Mickey’s Christmas carol

For the last movie I choose the one that I watch since I am a little girl. I always loved to watch this movie with my sister during christmas time and I am not going to lie to you sometimes even when it’s not christmas we enjoy to watch this movie!


I hope you enjoyed to know my top 8 of movies to watch during christmas holidays and let me know if you enjoy any of these movies. Merry Christmas! ♡