Hello New School Year

Summer has come to an end and hopefully you enjoyed your summer as much as I did! Now it’s time to start focusing on school (for me) and for you; maybe college, work or doing something that you love.

But today I am going to share with you some tips that I believe are essential for a good year at school…

1 – The first tip that I feel is really important is; when it comes to studying, never forget to work at a clean space with a cool environment! Take a few snacks and a bottle of water with you and if it helps, find a great playlist that you can listen to while you are studying.

14182142_867891966677649_1034916303_n.jpg(Image from We heart it)

2 – The second is to use flash cards! These help me a lot as you can use them to revise for a test and also for an oral presentation. Flash cards are very helpful because they keep less information and key points, making it easier for you to memorise. 

3 – My third recommended tip is to exercise. Something I’ve learnt recently is to exercise, even if it is just to go out for a little run or walk. You don’t need a gym membership to exercise. Trust me, exercise not only makes you feel better physically but also mentally. It keeps your mind free and de-stressed! 

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4 – Don’t be afraid to ask your teacher about something that you don’t know! Let them know your doubts. They are teachers, they are there to help, so don’t feel embarrassed to ask questions, no ones judging you. 

5 – Take notes and use a “colour code” system (highlighters, post it notes etc). Just like the flash cards (Tip 2), it helps you to memorise any important information for tests, homework or general revision. 

6 – A routine that helps me a lot is to have an agenda where I can write everything I have to do for my day/week/month down. Don’t forget that a “to do” list is also very helpful so you don’t forget anything you have planned for the day or any tasks/errands you have to complete. 

14159170_867891543344358_182218171_n.jpg(Image from We heart it)

Of course there are many other great tips that are useful, however these 6 tips are ones that I find very helpful and work well for me. Hopefully, these can help you aswell! Stay positive, school isn’t that bad!  


4 thoughts on “Hello New School Year

  1. Guuuurl! First of all, I LOVED THIS ARTICLE! Seriously AMAZING! Second of all, is it just me or there is something different about this? 😏 And last but not least, even tho, I only start college in a month, I really hope you have a great school year and you can succeed in every way! Love youuuu

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